Futura Energy Group

Accelerating Progress
Through People

About Futura Energy Group


Futura Energy Group is a trusted resource partner for clients, both in the United States and across the globe, simply put, we are ‘accelerating progress through people.’

Working as a minority-owned business enterprise (MBE), Futura Energy Group works closely with partners to help them overcome their human resource and talent challenges by providing best in class solutions. Futura Energy Group provides tailored solutions to help companies drive forward through innovation and change in a variety of different spheres such as environmentally friendly manufacturing, critical infrastructure development projects and autonomous technologies to help improve our future.


Our Services

Supplemental Workforce Solutions

There are many reasons why companies need to ramp up their internal resource needs, Futura Energy Group provides co-employment friendly solutions that help businesses add to their teams for both short and long-term needs.

Talent Acquisition

With the search for talent becoming increasingly more challenging for employers, companies can rest assured that they can work with Futura Energy Group as a strategic partner to help them meet their internal talent needs. 

Program Management

With a professional network spread out across the entire United States, Futura Energy Group works closely with SMEs in a variety of professions help deliver Program Management and Time and Materials-based SOW solutions to help clients execute on complex projects, whether it is Engineering, Project Management or Construction Management.

Retained Search

From strategic hiring for C-Suite executives roles through to fixed ‘per hire’ retained agreements for repeat or volume hiring, Futura Energy Group can deliver a tailored solution that mirrors your company’s growth plans through a true strategic partnership.


As a carbon-negative business, Futura Energy Group is at the forefront of not only helping to slow down but also reverse climate change. We choose not only to lead in this field but actively look to promote and petition for our clients to reach this goal themselves.

Opportunities with Futura