Supplemental Workforce Solutions

There are many reasons why companies need to ramp up their internal resource needs, Futura Energy Group provides co-employment friendly solutions that help businesses add to their teams for both  short and long-term needs.

Talent Acquisition

With the search for talent becoming increasingly more challenging for employers, companies can rest assured that they can work with Futura Energy Group as a strategic partner to help them meet their internal talent needs. 

Program Management

With a professional network spread out across the entire United States, Futura Energy Group works closely with SMEs in a variety of professions help deliver Program Management and Time and Materials-based SOW solutions to help clients execute on complex projects, whether it is Engineering, Project Management or Construction Management.

Retained Search

From strategic hiring for C-Suite executives roles through to fixed ‘per hire’ retained agreements for repeat or volume hiring, Futura Energy Group can deliver a tailored solution that mirrors your company’s growth plans through a true strategic partnership.